Wednesday, February 8, 2012

29-Day TV Challenge: Fave Reality Show

I don't really watch a lot of reality shows. Most of them are as far from reality as possible and the "entertainment" seems to come largely from people acting as horrible as possible. That's why you won't catch me watching The Real Housebitches of Wherethefuckever.

Some seasons, I'll get involved in a show, but then I won't watch it the next season. To me, the formula gets old fast.

Here are a few favorites over the years:

The first season of Survivor was fantastic. Unfortunately, its excellence basically ruined every other competition show to come because, on day one, people are immediately forming alliances.

I was deeply invested in Amazing Race season 7. If Uchenna and Joyce hadn't won, I might have cried. For real. I mean, Joyce shaved her head during one of the challenges!

I also frequently watch Dirty Jobs. It's such a great way to see all the interesting and disgusting jobs in this country.

Just kidding. I watch it for this:


  1. Your cousin, Chris Commons, has a mild obsession with The Bachelor/Bachelorette series. Of all the people in the world, he would be one of the last I would expect with this viewing habit.

    Deadliest Catch is my favorite reality show, by far!

    1. I love knowing this about Chris. I never would have guessed!

      I sometimes watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette but usually only to make myself feel better for not being one of those total crying psychos on a dating show.


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