Thursday, February 23, 2012

29-Day TV Challenge: Best Quote


Runners Up:

These aren't necessarily great speeches or amazing quotes, but they are the lines that stick in my head and that I say most often around the house.

Speaking of Designing Women, I sing this song a lot. Don't judge me.
A little something from my spirit animal...
My favorite response to a break up ever...


  1. There are two other Julia Sugarbaker rants that I love. One is of her on a talk show debating politics and the other is telling off all of the men in a cabin on vacation with the other ladies and their significant others.

    It's always like an hour after someone has hurt my feelings or upset me that I come up with the best sugarbaker rants, and by then it is too late, but I'll tell you what, my vivid imagination plays it out beautifully, and I always win.

  2. I sometimes wish I had a team of writers to write me amazing rants. Mine usually come out sounding like a teenager. "Whatever." This was a great post! I forgot how much I love Julia Sugarbaker. I hope Netflix has Designing Women because I think I'm going to watch it now.


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