Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Things I Say to My Cat


Are you coming in? I'm not going to stand here all day.

What is your problem?

You want some food?

OK, OK, I'm coming.

Will you stop it already?

You're annoying me.

Are you going out? I'm not going to stand here all day.

What is wrong with you?

Get down.

You want to sit here?

OK, shut up already.

Why are you so annoying?

How's that? You like that? You're so soft.

Sweet little kitty.


  1. Get off of me.
    Get out of the sink.
    Get out of the tub.
    Quit head-butting my hand.
    (We have two cats -- they are Jenna's. They tolerate me; I tolerate them.)

  2. Stop kneading my stomach. You're pushing on my bladder. Dammit, now I have to pee.

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  4. "you don't belong up/in/on there!"
    "oh, so you want to write this e-mail for me."

    actually, we have use all the ones that you mentioned......except the last one.

  5. Yes, my cat wants to write all my emails for me, too!

  6. My cat thinks his name is "Damnit JoJo, get off my table"

  7. Love it! Yep, I'm pretty sure my cat thinks her name is "Dumbass cat."


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