Monday, January 9, 2012

Live Blogging George Clooney's Appearance on 'Rock Center'

My dad just called and said, "Are you watching the game?"
"Hell, no," I said.
I turned it on for a minute but, as it turns out, I really still can't handle that shit very well. I gather from Facebook updates that LSU is losing. Oh well, boo hoo, now what?
Then my dad said, "Do you know George is going to be on Rock Center tonight?"
What?! How did I not know this?
I immediately hung up on my dad and turned the channel. Just kidding. I didn't hang up on him. He said, "The show is about to come back on. I'll call you back when it's over."
I love that my father is fully supportive of my delusional love for George Clooney. Let's face it. There are way worse things about which I could be delusional.
So the question "now what?" has this answer:
Now, we watch George.

9:53 pm: I prefer Brian Williams when he's being funny.
9:54 pm: This commercial for the Dyson Ball vacuum makes me realize I haven't vacuumed in awhile. And, sonofabitch, I just remembered my sheets are in the dryer. I have to make the bed. Dang it, I hate having to make the bed at bedtime.
Trailer for The Descendants. I really enjoyed that movie although I didn't think it was as great as Sideways. Still wonderful.
9:56 pm: OK, here we go. Everybody shut up.
Hey girl, there's Ryan Gosling.
"Hey, Mama, two hotties in one movie!" Kate said about the Ides of March clip.

I love George's voice. He should make an audio book. Or read me a bedtime story.
"I get my own coffee. Not all of us are Brian Williams."
I love him.
George: "I don't collect awards for a living. It's not what I do."
Brian: "I heard you do."
George: "I collect other things for a living. We'll talk about that later."
He should seriously add me to his collection of girlfriends.
In case you were busy cussing Les Miles, go here to watch a clip.
Did I mention that I love him?
Here's a photo. Sweet dreams, friends.

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