Saturday, January 28, 2012

Classics and Cocktails Book Club (February)

Fitzgerald (1896-1940) and his wife Zelda, January 1921.
Time Life Pictures/Mansell/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images
I'm so happy to put Anna Karenina behind me. I keep thinking about how I've always wanted to run a marathon just so I could say I'd done it. That's how reading Anna Karenina felt except that I think running the marathon would have been less painful.

The 12 in 2012 book for February is F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Beautiful and Damned. I have no doubt Mr. Fitzgerald will show us a better time than Mr. Tolstoy. And it certainly won't take an entire month to read it. The Beautiful and Damned is 370 pages long. WAY less than that damn Anna Karenina. (Sorry, I may have a bit of PTAKSS - Post Traumatic Anna Karenina Stress Syndrome.)

The Beautiful and Damned is about Anthony Patch and his beautiful wife Gloria. They are newly married and living a life far beyond their means. The book chronicles their moral, physical, and financial decline, a fictional take on the stories that came out of Fitzgerald's real-life marriage to Zelda, a marriage marked by drunken revelry, debt, and scandalous behavior during the Jazz Age in New York.

Yes, hell yes, bring on the drunken revelry, please. 


  1. Just downloaded it. Looking forward to it. All the shops and landmarks named "Zelda" something or other in Montgomery always made me smile. Bring on the moral decline!

  2. Drunken revelry, scandalous behavior, and debt - this book might be about my 20s...or last summer. So glad you're joining in!

  3. Hey, will you be live blogging tomorrow night during Inside the Actors Studio on Bravo? I've already told Hannah she has to fend for her own dinner. I will be feasting on an hour of George.

  4. That's a great idea, but I probably won't be able to blog it live. I have a workout class at 6. Dang it. I definitely have it set to record. I have to say I am LOVING this awards season! So much George!

  5. I love scandalous behavior. I cannot wait to read about someone elses.



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