Saturday, December 10, 2011

Things I Say Way Too Often

I'm bored. I'm supposed to be writing chapter 16 of my future bestselling, prize-winning, adapted-for-the-big-screen-and-directed-by-George-Clooney, honest, heartbreaking, and humorous memoir, but instead I'm avoiding opening the document. See my post about procrastination.

Instead I'm going to post some videos of phrases I love to say and probably use way too often.

Let's begin with Grease. I will quote this entire scene. You can't stop me once I start. My brother and I used to act it out at the dinner table. A lot. I'll say, "Rockin' and rollin' and whatnot" to describe pretty much whatever I'm doing. I also like to say, "What's the matter with me, baby? What's the matter with you?"
Let's be honest. This makes me incredibly awesome.

My 15-year-old son says, "What?" a lot. I mean A LOT a lot. I think he does this to get on my nerves. So I quote this movie in response. 
Face it. This is unquestionably excellent parenting. 

This is my all-time favorite reaction in any argument ever. I rarely argue with people, so I mostly just say this during fake arguments that I'm reenacting for friends. The reenactment goes like this: "So then I said....and that douchebag said...and I told him to..." "Did you really say that?" "No, but I was thinking it!"
A couple of years ago when Kate's boyfriend broke up with her, I said, "Next time something like that happens, you say this: You can't fire me! I quit!" Or you follow the lead of Ross Gellar.
Dignity. Pass it on.
I like to use the phrase "up in here" quite often. Probably too often. Does it paint me as an obnoxious white girl? Am I using it ironically? I think I enjoy saying it too much for it to be ironic. 
Y'all gonna make me lose my mind...

Almost on a daily basis, I say to my daughter, Kate, the following: 

And now we come to the creepiest thing I say way too often. You'd be amazed at how many conversations you can slip this into. 

Lastly, I say this all the damn time. 
It's a great way to exit a conversation.

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