Saturday, November 12, 2011

Links to Happiness

Watching or reading the news lately had started to convince me that the world is irreparably screwed up, so I went searching for reasons to believe otherwise. Those reasons are actually not so hard to find.

Here are links to a few happy finds:

Happiness is...adorable babies.

Four months ago, mom and freelance writer Emily Cleaver started taking photographs of her son, Arthur, recreating classic movie scenes.  She snapped him with a stuffed animal popping out of his pajamas (Alien). She photographed him peering out of an upstairs window (Rear Window). She surrounded him with rose petals (American Beauty). Eventually, she started a blog where she posts the photos. I like imagining this mom coming up with her ideas for props and scenes and then laughing a lot while she snaps photos of her adorable son, Arthur. That seems like an excellent way to spend your time.

Happiness is...The Muppets.

Here's a new trailer for The Muppets movie, which opens on Thanksgiving Day. Every time I see something about the Muppets or watch a trailer for the new movie, I smile. The Muppets remind me of my childhood, when I didn't pay attention to the news of the day. I watched silly characters do silly things. I love silliness. I love goofballs. This trailer makes me want to dance like a Muppet. 

Happiness is...Ryan Gosling. 

Ryan Gosling is awesome. He says all the right things in interviews, things that make you want to take him home and introduce him to your mom. He looks fantastic without a shirt on, which makes you want to take him home and... Anyway, he also inspires hilarious Internet memes that you and your friends can laugh over while drinking wine and watching You Tube videos of Ryan Gosling being fantastic. Here's a good one: 

Here's another good one: 

Plus, he knows George Clooney.

Happiness is...a new George Clooney movie.

The Descendants opens in select theaters November 16. It opens nationwide on November 23. I love when a new Clooney movie is about to come out. I'll probably see it the day it opens. (Fair warning to my relatives in Indianapolis. Who wants to join me at the theater?) George Clooney makes me happy.  When I go to the movie, I'll buy myself a bag of Sour Patch Kids because those make me happy, too. 

Happiness is...people. 

People are awesome. No, forget what you read this morning about Jerry Sandusky. Forget politics and the latest news on that ass-hat Herman Cain. Most people are incredible. They just want to live well, laugh often, and love each other. They want to tell and hear funny stories. They want to be surprised. Meanwhile, they will make hilarious faces.

Go to The Huffington Post to see the hosts of the Today Show making faces while they try to guess where in the world Matt Lauer is. 

Happiness is...nature.
This video is incredible. It will give you chills. It's a great reminder that there is so much to see and experience beyond our television and computer screens. The world around us is amazing. Don't forget that.

Do you feel better now? 


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