Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Before George

If I'd been alive 50 years ago - and there had been such a thing as the Internet and blogs - the title of this blog wouldn't be Vodka Cranberry Clooney.

It would be Pink Champagne Cary Grant.

Whatever I love about George Clooney (humor, charm, handsomeness, elegance, silliness, the way he looks in a tuxedo) is probably rooted in the things I love about Cary Grant, who I once called the "original Clooney" on my Facebook page and my friend, Becky, corrected me - and rightfully so - by writing that Grant was "the original original."

I think it all began when I was in middle school and my mom told me about a movie I should watch called An Affair to Remember. We were sitting on the sofa and she told me the plot of the film, that a man and woman fall in love on a cruise ship and they decide to meet six months later at the top of the Empire State Building in New York. But as the woman is rushing across the street to get to the building, she is hit by a car.

I remember my eyes filled with tears. Yes, yes, this was a movie I had to see.

My mom knew me well. I was a weird kid. I preferred staying in and reading to going outside and playing with friends and I liked to spend Sunday afternoons watching American Movie Classics (before AMC began showing "classics" starring people like Steven Seagal).  Yuck.

I developed an obsession with Alfred Hitchcock movies. Rear Window starring Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly is my favorite and Vertigo starring Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak might be a close second, but the ones with Cary Grant, North by Northwest and To Catch a Thief, are right up there. If I could be a character in a movie, I'd be Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief. I'd be wearing a gorgeous, flowing evening gown and I'd be making out with Cary Grant while fireworks went off (I'm pretty sure I missed the symbolism of this back in those days) in the skies above the French Riviera.

Several years ago, I read a book titled Love Walked In by Marisa de los Santos. It's about a woman who loves  old movies like The Philadelphia Story and longs for romance. She meets a man who looks like Cary Grant and drama ensues. Honestly, I didn't enjoy the book all that much (it starts out rather promisingly but then goes off the rails a bit), yet it does have one of my favorite quotes from a novel:

"Jimmy Stewart is always and indisputably the best man in the world, unless Cary Grant should happen to show up."

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  1. AMC has become so disappointing. The Philadelphia Story is the perfect movie. Pretty much anything with Cary Grant is perfect.


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